Yukari's Points of Modification for Quicker Results 3

Yukari's Points of Modification for Quicker Results 3 Have you ever learned “how to be successful” before? I guess you have more or less. One of the major ideas is positive thinking. Does it work? Can we succeed if we think positively? The answer is yes and no. In this world, if we think good things, good things will happen; and if we think bad things, bad things will happen. Then the questions is, do we know all of our thoughts? The answer is no. We can recognize less than 5% of our thoughts. You might have seen a picture of an iceberg. An iceberg is huge but we can see only the part above water, which is only 5% of the whole iceberg. Our consciousness is very similar to this. We can reco

How to Get out of the Mirror World 5

Chapter 4 History and Shapes of Boundary: Two Similarities (Note: At this point, I need to mention that I know there is no reincarnation! According to TAW, phenomena that look like reincarnation are the projection of our thought patterns on the time-axis. Nonetheless, because I had believed in reincarnation at that time, I could continue my long research of history, and I finally found the fractal structure of this world. So, please bear with this story of reincarnation a little more.) Thus, I succeeded to decode the past lives of some countries. I did not write about its process here because it was written in detail in my book, “The Reincarnated History (published in 2000).” The conclusio


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