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Chapter 10 Have Positive Images of Your Children You, as a mother, are very busy every day. You stay alert to protect the safety of your children. You might have the following thoughts in your mind: "My baby always comes and clings to me when I am in the kitchen. I'm afraid that she might burn herself." "My son often attacks others. I'm afraid that he might become a delinquent." "My daughter goes out alone. I'm afraid that she might be hit by a car, or some other bad thing might happen." "I'm afraid that my son might be subject to bullying." "I'm afraid that my children might catch some bad disease." "I'm afraid that my children cannot keep up with their classes." It is very important to thi

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Chapter 9 Find Your Original Self You might wonder if we could improve our immature traits without traumas. If your mother told you very softly with gentle words about how you should behave, you might have been able to learn without trauma. Would that have been possible? Unfortunately, that would not have been possible. Why? It is not possible because traumas are created when we do not relinquish basic Beliefs such as "Mothers should take care of us forever." As you grow older, your mother begins to tell you to do some things by yourself. She will say, "Do it alone." Even though your mother uses gentle words in her request, you refuse to do it, because you do not relinquish your Belief that

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Chapter 8 Traumas Are Useful in One Sense When you were a child, you believed that your mother should have always taken care of you. However, because she did not always take care of you, you misunderstood and felt that she did not take care of you well. This is one of your Beliefs. You became hurt and created a deep grudge towards your mother. Everyone creates this kind of grudge in their process of development. There is no doubt that you were very sad when you created the Belief that you were hurt by your mother. This heart-broken feeling is called a "trauma." What did you do after you created traumas when you believed that you were not cared for by your mother? ※1 When you believed, "I w


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