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Main Programs of Fractal Psychology

Fractal Psychology Family Relationship Course (2007)*
Fractal Psychology Health and Beauty Course (2007)
Fractal Psychology Master Course (2008)
Fractal Psychology Leadership Course (2009)

Fractal Psychology Diet Course (2012) *
Fractal Psychology Medical Staff Course (2013)
Fractal Psychology Counselor Training Course (2013)
Fractal Psychology Dentist Course (2015)

Short Program of Fractal Psychology

Educational Psychology Course (2012)*
LDP Course (2013)*

Business Mind Up Course (2013)
Guided Meditation for Transformation & Rejuvenation (2016)*
The Magic of Transforming Others (2016)*

Fractal Psychology 

All textbooks are written in Japanese. Textbooks with * are translated in English. 


(Released year)

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