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Fractal Phenomenology

This program explains about the structure of this world. Mau Isshiki revealed Earth is a projection of your brain. The true physical world exists only in a small area where you can use direct five senses. Others are still illusion. You can create "far" world as reality when you reach there. In other words, it does not exist before you reach there. You have been deceived by this system since you were born. If you are a scientist, you will get precious inspirations from this program.    


This is the story of Mau Isshiki, founder of Fractal Phenomenology. Human beings normally cannot escape from the illusion of the brain because we were born in the illusion world from the beginning, but she could. How did she crack the illusion? You can read in this section, the story of how she tracked the small clues of illusion and theorized it.

Fractal Psychology


What is Subconsciousness? 
You can learn about Subconscious from A to Z by 40 videos; 170 minutes in total. As Fractal Psychology is based on TAW Fractal Phenomenology, the concept of subconscious mind is very different from conventional psychology. You will be amazed to know how your subconscious mind works. 

If you want to learn the total theory of Fractal Psychology, this course is recommended. You will learn how your thoughts create your reality. Once you learn the mechanism of reality, you will find yourself totally safe and protected. Now, what will you create for your future?

We, Fractal Psychologists, always focus on causes of problem. We have very elaborate analysis methods to find the original causes which generated the problems. Our purpose of counseling is to delete a negative phenomenon from which you are suffering now. We cannot do this without knowing its cause. 

You can learn Fractal Psychology in scenario of dramas! 

Fractal Psychology Parenting Course is a innovating idea of parenting. You will learn a new concept of love. On this page, you can learn short version of the program.

Introduction page for a short seminar, "Transform Your Children Into Champions!"

Introduction page for a short seminar, "The Magic of Transforming Others"

Introduction page for a seminar, "Guided Meditation for Rejuvenation and Transformation" 

Introduction page for a short seminar, "Life Decoding Procedure" 

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