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TAW Fractal Phenomenology was born from TAW: Theory of an Advanced World. The founder of this theory, Mau Isshiki, revealed that this world is a projection of our subconscious mind. You can see the same concept in the movie "Matrix." This concept is based on ancient oriental philosophy. In addition, Isshiki figured out that thoughts in the subconscious mind are just dreams. If that is the case, this world would has the same structure as dreams. You can learn about the structure of dreams by the movie "Inception." Our dreams are comprised of layers. Isshiki found this world also has multiple layers and one original seed of thought which is projected onto multiple layers in an arc shape. For this reason, the projection on an outer layer is stretched wider than the projection on an inner layer. After the projection is stretched, we perceive it and interpret it as a real phenomenon. With this system, we always perceive that the outer world is extremely big, or extremely eccentric. We see the world by overlapping those multiple layered projections. We call this "fractal structure." As we have lived in this fractal world since we were born, we cannot remove this illusion from our brain. We all live in this world with biased recognition.

However, Mau Isshiki found a method of how to decipher these Fractal events on different layers coming from the same origin. Using this method, you can discern which are magnified events, and which are normal size events. This theory will resolve scientific enigma such as gravity. If you are a physicist, and if you removed multiple fractal illusions from your brain, you would find a completely brand-new world in front of you. The true world is very simple and beautiful. Fractal Phenomenology is a treasury of ideas for scientists. 

To learn Fractal Phenomenology, there is a program comprising 24 hours over 4 days. Almost 1,000 students have already completed this program in Japan, which geared  towards scientists. If you are a scientist, and want to study Fractal Phenomenology, please contact us. 

​What is TAW Fractal Phenomenology?

Founder of TAW

(TAW Fractal Phenomenology and Fractal Psychology) 

Mau Isshiki

Jinsei Norikarno Hosoku..Nozomidorino Jinsei wo Tsukiuriageru TAW (Kodansha)

Kireiwo Hikiyoseru CDtsuki Biyomeisou


Every Problem Has its Solution

 (Aquarius Navi)

Mindset Revolution

 (Kadokawa Forest)

In the movie "Inception," two events in the different layers are synchronized. Our real world has the same system, and you recognize these are respectively independent of each other. 

Also, Mau Isshiki discovered two countries which have similar histories also have similar shapes. From this, she reached the idea that this world is an illusion, not substantial.

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