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What is a Mother's Love? 4

Chapter 2

Two Models of an Ideal Mother

What do you think is an ideal model of a mother? You might not have ever thought about it. Many mothers became mothers when they were in their twenties. How often can you say that people in their twenties have matured well? If you look around society, you will say that people in their twenties are not completely mature adults. They have just become adults, they do not work hard, and sometimes they become emotional. However, they are energetic, and they are likely flexible. On top of that, their minds are still in a childlike state, so they can enjoy playing with their children.

How about becoming a mother in your thirties? Women who become a mother in their thirties usually already know the pleasure of a free life, and the wonderful feeling of being proud when they are acknowledged for their achievements. They will feel that childrearing is difficult for them because no one rewards them for it. However, they are adult enough, and working hard is not so painful for them compared to the mothers in their twenties. They can take care of children, putting their emotions aside.

How about becoming a mother when you are in your forties? Rearing children in your forties is physically difficult and sometimes you might not be able to catch up to your children’s actions. Besides, older mothers do not have childlike desires anymore. Therefore, they are likely to feel that children are noisy and disturbing. However, they will treat their children more calmly than mothers in their twenties, and they can admire their children’s loveliness, and cherish them.

In conclusion, nobody can be a perfect or ideal mother because everyone has demerits, regardless of age.

However, when we were children, we did not know that it was impossible for anyone to be a perfect mother. Therefore, almost every child has thought to him/herself, “The mother of that girl is better than my mother.” Then, the child dreams for an ideal mother. You also might have had this dream. How deeply does it still remain in your mind?

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