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Yukari's Points of Modification for Quicker Results 3

Yukari's Points of Modification for Quicker Results 3

Have you ever learned “how to be successful” before? I guess you have more or less. One of the major ideas is positive thinking.

Does it work? Can we succeed if we think positively? The answer is yes and no.

In this world, if we think good things, good things will happen; and if we think bad things, bad things will happen.

Then the questions is, do we know all of our thoughts? The answer is no. We can recognize less than 5% of our thoughts. You might have seen a picture of an iceberg. An iceberg is huge but we can see only the part above water, which is only 5% of the whole iceberg. Our consciousness is very similar to this. We can recognize only 5% of our thoughts.

It is not so difficult to think positively, as far as the thoughts we can recognize. How about the thoughts we can not recognize? When life is not going well, even though you think you are thinking positively, part of you is not thinking positively. TAW fractal psychology knows the way to find which negative thoughts in your subconsciousness are causing the bad things, and what are the seeds of the negative thoughts, and modify the seeds.

Since thoughts create reality, 100% no exceptions; the seeds are always your thoughts. It will never be from another person’s thoughts. In your world, your thoughts create reality 100%.

Therefore, it might be a little challenging to you. It might not be so pleasant to see something negative in yourself. We often do not want to admit it. “Take things positively or see the positive part” is almost our habit. But the reality is, if we ignore it, we can not modify it. If we face it, we can modify it. This is very important. Recognizing the seed without excuse is the key for quicker results.

After you modify your negative thoughts, you will experience changes in your life. You w

ill be able to make your life as you really wish it to be.

Do you notice something now? Facing the negative seeds and modifying them for your future is a very positive thing! We, who are learning TAW, say “we found a treasure” when we find the seeds. Yes, it is a treasure to turn your life around.

So now, are you ready to try treasure hunting?

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