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Fractal Psychology was born from TAW. The founder of TAW, Mau Isshiki, had problems that seemed like her fate. However, to elude her fate, she struggled to find a method which could solve problems completely from the root. Ten years after the beginning of her study, she finally found the mechanism on how we create our lives by our thoughts. There is no destiny, no fate. Once she deciphered the mechanism, she invented a method to modify the perceived "destiny." Then, she started providing this wisdom world-wide in 2005, and 

started training counselors and instructors of this theory in 2008. 

The main feature of Fractal Psychology is to deem this world as a projection of our Deep Conscious Mind. So, the world which you perceive is only Your world. No one can perceive the same world as yours. This implies that you are the only person who lives in your world. This is the notion of Monism. For this reason, your life looks like a venue of a play of which you wrote its scenario. No one can be a victim, and there is no enemy there.

This theory is very practical and amazingly effective and entails a very quick resolution. At the time of this writing, 13,633 students have studied in general courses, 6,665 students have been registered in the four main courses, 4,031 students have gone on to the Master Course. TAW has 256 counselors in Japan (Data: June 28, 2017).    


Fractal Psychology has many advantages for people who desire to resolve their problems as soon as possible. According to Fractal Psychology, the outer world is a projection of our mind, in other words, a mirror of our deep mind. Our counselors can analyze easily what is going on in your deep mind to create your unpleasant reality by checking your mirror, which is your present reality. You will learn the cause of your problem from which you are suffering now. Our counselors will directly address the cause itself.

The effectiveness of this theory is verified when you try to change other people around you without talking directly to them. You will be amazed once you see them changed by your secret modification in your mind. Yes! You do not need to bring your enemy or your troublesome family-member to your counselor. If you want to change someone, all you need to do is visit your counselor alone. Still, you can change that person. Once you experience this, you will understand the rationale of Fractal Psychology.


Fractal Psychology can change even your past. This is a very new concept for most people, but this is possible. Our brains were undeveloped when we were children. At that time, we memorized many things. We cannot recognize and memorize correctly what we see and what we hear, even now, and needless to say that we could not do it very well as children. This immature recognition is accumulated and composes your past. This "memory" determines who you are. 

What if you, as an adult, can witness the same scene which you experienced in your childhood? You would see completely different facts!
Once you experience this, you will understand that your past which you believed as irreparable facts is not reliable anymore. Then, what happens to you?

Now, you can be free from the past and become anyone you wish! 

Fractal Psychology changes the definition of love. Once you change it, you can feel true love and reassurance. 

We have seeds of illness in our deep mind. You can delete them by your own and create your health and beauty.

If you have a mean boss, and you want to change him, you do not need to bring him to your counselor. Still you can change him!

You can develop your new talents.

You can change your babies without talking to them.

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