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How to Get out of the Mirror World 5

Chapter 4

History and Shapes of Boundary: Two Similarities

(Note: At this point, I need to mention that I know there is no reincarnation! According to TAW, phenomena that look like reincarnation are the projection of our thought patterns on the time-axis. Nonetheless, because I had believed in reincarnation at that time, I could continue my long research of history, and I finally found the fractal structure of this world. So, please bear with this story of reincarnation a little more.)

Thus, I succeeded to decode the past lives of some countries. I did not write about its process here because it was written in detail in my book, “The Reincarnated History (published in 2000).” The conclusion is that two parts of history, which were eight hundred years apart, are very similar to each other. They are so similar that I can indicate how the leaders in one era were reincarnated into the leasers of a later era.

However, I eventually noticed some contradictions in the two parts of history because I analyzed them greatly in detail. When I observed some pairs of events which corresponded in two parts of history, it seemed that the past (Middle Ages) event mimicked the future (Modern Age) event. There seem to be an inevitable situation that forced the future event to occur, but not for the past event. Even though the event in the future had a definite reason to occur, the corresponding event in the Middle Ages occurred suddenly without any rational reason.

For example, Hitler killed himself because the war was going against him. This reason seems rational. However, the German king, Friedrich Barba Rossa, as the past life of Hitler according to my research, died after drowning accidentally in a river he was crossing with his troops, after his victory in the war against Turkey. I never ignore this “after drowning accidentally,” as a keen researcher of fate. Why did Hitler of the Middle Ages (Barba Rossa) die “accidentally?” It looks as if he was forced to leave from the venue of life hurriedly, in order to be consistent with modern history in which Hitler killed himself.

If I allow this hypothesis that Barba Rossa died suddenly because Hitler died suddenly, I have to face another mystery: The future affects the past. That mystery is against the flow of time. Which should I accept? Coherence of my theory that two parts of history are related to each other? Or the normal flow of time?

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