Yukari's Points of Modification for Quicker Results 2

Would You Like to Learn TAW? Then This Is Very Important! Have you already read the articles of the website; "fractalpsychology.net"? What do you think of TAW? You might be thinking, "How do you prove the rationale of this theory?" or "How about this case or that case, how do you reason them?" I understand your feelings because many people have the same questions in their minds at the beginning of studying TAW! I totally agree that TAW is beyond our common sense, and it is very hard to understand just by reading articles on "fractalpsychology.net." Here is my first tip for quicker results: Please be receptive to new ideas. Please think "It might be correct” even though you do not understand

Yukari’s Points of Modification for Quicker Results 1

Introduction Hello, I am Yukari Noda, TAW Fractal Psychology Counselor and Fractal Psychology Master Course teacher. I was born and raised in Japan. I came to the United States twenty years ago. Since then, I have lived in Orange County and Los Angeles. I met Ms. Mau Isshiki at her seminar in Los Angeles in 2011. TAW was very unique and made complete sense, even though I could not wholly understand it at the seminar. My brain felt such confusion. It took time for me to really understand it. I will let you know in advance that it will confuse you at the beginning too, but trust me. You will realize, after you understand it, that you are in an advanced world and cannot go back to where you wer


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