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Chapter 4 Beliefs And Inner Voices Determine Your Parenting What kind of Beliefs affect your emotions? Not only in childrearing, but whenever you feel anger, sadness, or loneliness, our Beliefs are working in the background. Imagine a scene such as the one below. Scene 1 Yukiko is a housewife who has a two-year old child. One day, when her husband came home in the evening, she tried talking to him about how she was exhausted from childrearing every day, even though he was still changing out of his work clothes. He, feeling exhausted, frowned and said, "Not now. Let's talk about it later." She was shocked because he had never said that to her before, and she then felt sad thinking, "How me

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Chapter 3 The Reason Why You Cannot Follow Parenting Books What image of childrearing did you have before you bore a baby? Did you really feel that all other children were adorable? Seeing very wayward young children cry and disturb others around them when you were still single, you might have thought,“Oh, their mother is a not good mother. I’m sure that I could discipline them better if I were their mother.” We cannot say whether we can discipline children well or not until we take care of children in reality. You might find that you cannot discipline them well, although you had thought you were capable of it. Someone who works as a child-care giver might find that she cannot bring up her o

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Chapter 2 Two Models of an Ideal Mother What do you think is an ideal model of a mother? You might not have ever thought about it. Many mothers became mothers when they were in their twenties. How often can you say that people in their twenties have matured well? If you look around society, you will say that people in their twenties are not completely mature adults. They have just become adults, they do not work hard, and sometimes they become emotional. However, they are energetic, and they are likely flexible. On top of that, their minds are still in a childlike state, so they can enjoy playing with their children. How about becoming a mother in your thirties? Women who become a mother in

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Chapter 1 You Also Have Unconditional Love Do you believe that you have been nurtured with unconditional love? Please consider what unconditional love truly is. When you go to a food court in a big shopping mall, you will see many children. They are eating something after shopping with their parents. It is fun. You can see the little smiling faces here and there. However, you can see some exceptions in them. One little girl is pouting because her mother declined to buy donuts for her, because her daughter already ate a big pizza just now. Still the little girl insists that her mother buy it because she saw another girl eating a donut with big smile. This little girl has envied her. One lit

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What is Fractal Psychology Parenting Course? (How to Use This Program) The Fractal Psychology Parenting course provides a brand new method of parenting, using TAW which was developed by Mau Isshiki. This method is not about using particular words for children, nor changing the attitude and behavior of mothers towards their children. They can transform their children with a specialized method, in which mothers say to their Child Self what they want to say towards their children. They do not need to do anything to their children directly, but this method can transform their children automatically. You can see this method in Lesson 4. In Fractal Psychology, what we say to our Child Self are Mod

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Introduction Grow Yourself as a Mother Anxiety accompanies rearing children. You might be always brooding about the best way to nurture your children. You, as a mother, will decide which methods you will use to nurture your children by reading books or asking other mothers about which methods they use. However, how can we confirm that those methods are correct for your children? Children have various types of personalities. One method might be good for some personalities, but bad for other personalities. As a life counselor, I have been deeply investigating the minds of numerous adults for many years. My job is to look into how their parents' words affected their feelings during childhood, a


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