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Fractal Psychology Event Schedule

Fractal Psychology has many programs that you can learn. All programs have been designed for the goal of mastering the Modification Method. We believe that your goal of learning Fractal Psychology should be the ability to transform yourself on your own. Once you learn this method, you will be able to dominate your life by yourself. 

En svensk version finns nu tillgänglig.


Lärobok för kursen Introduktion till fraktalpsykologi

En svensk volontär översatte den inledande texten för masterkursen. Den håller på att kontrolleras nu, så vänligen vänta lite.

Dr. Cosmo's 

Revolution in Physics


Ten videos were renewed.

TAW Fractal Phenomenology: Dr. Cosmo's Revolution in Physics 

Do you believe that you have so many illusions in your brain and you are pondering through those illusions?  

What if you took those illusions away from your brain?  This theory is a treasure box of hints, a plethora of new discoveries for scientists. 

You will realize the fractal structure of space-time. The fractal concept is the key to solve the mystery of gravity, dimension, etc.  


by Saemi


Sunday, January 22nd, 2023, from 8:30 am - 10:00 am (US Pacific Time)

A space where you can access innovative knowledge and effective methods to upgrade the brain based on TAW (Theory of an Advanced World) and Fractal Psychology.

Episode #2

The power of words, “What is your definition of Freedom?”


by Saemi


Sunday, February 12th, 2023, from 8:30 am - 10:00 am (US PacificTime)

A space where you can access innovative knowledge and effective methods to upgrade the brain based on TAW (Theory of an Advanced World) and Fractal Psychology.

Episode #3
An effective way to expend your energy with “The Law of Conservation of Energy” 


by Saemi


Sunday, February 26th, 2023, from 8:30 am - 10:00 am (US Pacific Time)

A space where you can access innovative knowledge and effective methods to upgrade the brain based on TAW (Theory of an Advanced World) and Fractal Psychology.

Episode #4 
What does “Enlightenment” mean from the TAW perspective, and how can we attain it? 

Master Course of Fractal psychology! Monitors are welcome!

Anyone who wants to learn our new psychology is welcome!

If you have interest of Fractal Psychology, please contact us. We have some free classes in English. 

You can learn them free. The classes are held in Tokyo. One class takes two hours. 

If you'd like to participate, please send an email to let us know when you come. We can set up the dates in your convenience as much as possible.

(Feb. 26, 2020)

Jan 4, 2020 LDP and Group Counseling Sessions Were Held in LA

Fractal Psychology Analysis Is Sharp and Quick!

Saemi's Report/

I hosted a Fractal Psychology Group Counseling Session and a shot program, "LDP-Life Decoding Procedure" with Ms. Mau Isshiki, the founder of TAW Fractal Phenomenology and Fractal Psychology. What an amazing and inspiring time we shared together!!


Los Angeles: Saemi held six classes in November, 2019, Venice, LA.

Saemi Nakamura, planning to hold more classes in January, 2020.

Mau Isshiki, the founder of Fractal Psychology, visited LA from November 6th to 11th, and attended the workshops which were conducted by Saemi Nakamura, Fractal Psychology counselor living in LA. 

The contents were Inner-Child Analysis, and LDP.

The attendants could get the accurate analysis of their cases by the founder. Thirty-eight people joined these events and got the deep insights.

These workshops are planning to be held again by Saemi Nakamura in January 4 and 5, 2020.

You will realize that your world is materialized by your thoughts.

If you have interest, please contact Saemi.

The report of these events are below.

Meet up! Fractal Psychology Chattering at 10 am on December 1, 2018

If you have interests in Fractal Psychology, let's talk together!

You can ask Fractal Psychology counselors anything on Fractal Psychology, and get advice about your life.


$ Free

At 255 West Fifth Street, San Pedro, CA 

Please contact us for appointment: 

Fractal Psychology Master Course Elemintary Level will begin soon!

Core Principles of Theory of an Advanced World (TAW), Part 2 held December 8. 2018!

After you learned this class, you would attain..

1. You learn the mechanism of "Reality” by getting out of your illusionary world and understanding the truth of the universe which you have been pursuing so long.

2. You will understand the cause of every event that has manifested in your life. 

3. You become capable of always following the direct route to your goal because you are not led astray by anything that happens in the outer world anymore. 

4. You can select and manifest the events which you really desire to experience.

5. You enhance your abilities and even discover abilities that you already have of which you have never been aware. 

6. You manage every relationship in your reality with great ease.

7. You can transform yourself from the inside out by shifting your past memories through rewiring your mindsets.

If you want to join this class, we will set up another class from the Part 1 (Introductory Level).

Please contact us: email to ""

Guided Meditation of Rejuvenation and Transformation in CSULB

In OLLI (Extension School for Seniors), we provide Fractal Psychology Short Course for Seniors.

Course Title: Guided Meditation for Rejuvenation and Transformation

From July 3th to August 21th, 2018 (seven sessions) 

3:30 pm to 5:00 pm in OLLI CSULB


Instructor, Kayco teaches you how to modify your mind for rejuvenation.


Details here:


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