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What Is Mother's Love? 10

Chapter 8

Traumas Are Useful in One Sense

When you were a child, you believed that your mother should have always taken care of you. However, because she did not always take care of you, you misunderstood and felt that she did not take care of you well. This is one of your Beliefs. You became hurt and created a deep grudge towards your mother. Everyone creates this kind of grudge in their process of development.

There is no doubt that you were very sad when you created the Belief that you were hurt by your mother. This heart-broken feeling is called a "trauma." What did you do after you created traumas when you believed that you were not cared for by your mother?

※1 When you believed, "I was ignored. Mom does not do anything I need!"

→ You might have thought, "Fine. I will do everything by myself! Are you happy now?"

※2 When you believed, "I was abandoned. Mom left me alone…"

→ You might have thought, "I am shocked. I will have to live on my own…"

As you can see, you can learn something through traumas! In the two examples above, the traumas would help you become more independent, so the result would be very good for you. Everyone has traumas, and those traumas have also a positive side, which is very useful to improve people's traits as their personalities develop.

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