What is a Mother's Love? 9

Chapter 7 The Relationship Between You and Your Mother is the Key The reason why you become emotional in childrearing, and the reason why you cannot follow the instructions of books, is because of the Beliefs and Decisions in your childhood. This also implies that if you can change your Beliefs flexibly, the probability that you will become emotional will be reduced by more than half, and you will be able to enjoy childrearing. If you review your Beliefs about your mother, heal your Child Mind well, and change how to perceive your Beliefs, your childrearing will change astonishingly. Not only for childrearing, but for the relationships with others (e.g. parents-in-law, your husband, other mo

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Chapter 6 The Child Mind’s Role in Anger The Decisions based on Beliefs are not always bad. As I said in Chapter 5, if you decided not to talk, you would become a quiet girl. If you proactively chose not to talk while understanding its benefit, you would feel better off. If Yuhta could understand what his mother was saying and could wait for dinner quietly, Yukiko would be very happy. If Yukiko had decided to wait in a similar situation in her childhood, she would not have any trouble in scene 1 with her husband. She could say in scene 1 without any negative feelings, "I'm sorry to disturb you right after you came home. We can talk later." We usually communicate in this way among our friends

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Chapter 5 Beliefs Affect You Forever If you analyze Yukiko's Basic Belief that her husband should always prioritize her, you would find that this Belief does not make sense. However, it is difficult for Yukiko to find it irrational because whenever she follows this Belief, her emotions react. How and when were the Basic Beliefs created? These Basic Briefs were created when we were children or babies. This means that Yukiko had made her Belief toward her mother when she was a child. She believed her mother should have always prioritized her. This is a Common Belief among children. Because she still had this Belief, she had been requiring the same thing unconsciously from her husband instead o


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