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Yukari's Points of Modification for Quicker Results 2

Would You Like to Learn TAW? Then This Is Very Important!

Have you already read the articles of the website; ""? What do you think of TAW?

You might be thinking, "How do you prove the rationale of this theory?" or "How about this case or that case, how do you reason them?" I understand your feelings because many people have the same questions in their minds at the beginning of studying TAW! I totally agree that TAW is beyond our common sense, and it is very hard to understand just by reading articles on ""

Here is my first tip for quicker results: Please be receptive to new ideas. Please think "It might be correct” even though you do not understand it fully, and have questions in your mind. Be teachable and coachable. You will understand it as you learn more. That is the only way to learn something new, especially TAW.

When you learn TAW, please don’t mix it with the knowledge that you learned somewhere else. Please put other knowledge aside at the moment. Then, you will be able to receive the wisdom of TAW.

TAW Fractal Psychology Master Course is made for you to understand and utilize TAW step by step, and changes your mindset to be able to create your life as you truly wish.

I hope you will learn it soon. However, we are sorry that the English textbooks are not ready yet, except the Introductory Course (^^;). Still, please trust that we are doing our best to deliver TAW to you!

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