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What is a Mother's Love? 3

Chapter 1 You Also Have Unconditional Love

Do you believe that you have been nurtured with unconditional love? Please consider what unconditional love truly is.

When you go to a food court in a big shopping mall, you will see many children. They are eating something after shopping with their parents. It is fun. You can see the little smiling faces here and there.

However, you can see some exceptions in them. One little girl is pouting because her mother declined to buy donuts for her, because her daughter already ate a big pizza just now. Still the little girl insists that her mother buy it because she saw another girl eating a donut with big smile. This little girl has envied her.

One little boy is insisting that his mother buy one more hamburger after he ate a big one. However, his desire cannot be granted. He will not give up and eventually his mother will scold him. He might begin to cry. The time which should be happy turns into an unhappy time.

How is a mother feeling in these situations? She intended to make her children happy, and she took them to the food court to give them something. She gave much energy, money, and time for them, but it ended as an unpleasant experience. She might be disappointed. No one likes to feel anger at someone, especially someone who we love, treasure, and for whom we give money and time. It is natural that the mother feels sadness and frustration in this situation.

Children are good at getting their mothers angry. They are self-centered. They always desire better things and acquiring more things without thinking of payment. This is what it means to be "Children."

Still, their mothers will take them to food courts again to make them happy. Did they not learn from their unhappy experience? Why do they not keep their grudge at their children? Why can they continue to love their children?

Of course, they love their children. Mothers regain their drive to make their children smile again while they are looking at their children's peaceful faces sleeping at night, even though they felt embarrassment or anger due to their children. Mothers are still dreaming about their children's smiles without thinking of any repayment from anyone. This is unconditional love.

It is not that only holy ladies in a distant world have unconditional love. Unconditional love is not only about taking care of abandoned poor people. There are many mothers who have unconditional love at food courts in shopping malls. They never expect rewards nor congratulate themselves, moreover they do not know that they possess noble unconditional love in themselves. This is true unconditional love.

Absolutely, you are the one of them.


Let's think!

1. Have you thought that mothers should always prioritize their children's desires, and that is true love, or unconditional love?

2. How many times in a day do you care for your children after they have made you angry?

3. Imagine continuing this situation for at least five years. How many times in the five years do you care for them, in spite of anger? ..This figure is the quantity of your unconditional love.

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