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What is a Mother's Love? 2

What is Fractal Psychology Parenting Course?

(How to Use This Program)

The Fractal Psychology Parenting course provides a brand new method of parenting, using TAW which was developed by Mau Isshiki. This method is not about using particular words for children, nor changing the attitude and behavior of mothers towards their children. They can transform their children with a specialized method, in which mothers say to their Child Self what they want to say towards their children. They do not need to do anything to their children directly, but this method can transform their children automatically. You can see this method in Lesson 4.

In Fractal Psychology, what we say to our Child Self are Modification Statements. These should be written well for both sides; mothers and children. Once you learned this method, you can cope with child rearing by using Modification Statements without frustration, and children can also make a stable foundation of life.

All of your family members will get along better after you begin enjoying child rearing, and you will have more possibilities in your future because you will have grown more because of the Modification Statements.

This method is very effective especially for the cases below:

1. Children who are very rebellious and not obedient. 2. Children who have problems of traits; not proactive, wayward, lazy 3. Children who have physical problems such as poor health condition, bed-wetting, crying at night. 4. To help development of children's ability, skills, physical competency. 5. To help development of mothers' ability, modification of traits, facilitating of mental growth.

[Author Profile]

Mau Isshiki

Born in 1957, Isshiki had a son in 1980, and a daughter in 1984. She worked with a publishing company as a writer whilst rearing her children. She started her own research about the mechanism of the mind in 1994. In 2000, she started her career as a life counselor, and interacted with more than five thousand clients as a counselor until 2007. After her long research which began in 1994, she found the mechanism of reality, and how minds work to create reality. She theorized her notion and named it "TAW*" in 2007.

TAW was divided into two parts in 2013; Fractal Psychology and Fractal Phenomenology. In April 2007, she created this program; Fractal Psychology Parenting Course for Mothers. She wrote more than forty textbooks of Fractal Psychology, including this program. More than Fourteen thousand people have studied Fractal Psychology in ten years since 2007.

Her other main works;

Master Course of Fractal Psychology (started in 2008) Fractal Psychology for Beauty and Health (started in 2007) Fractal Phenomenology Level 1 and 2 (started in 2011)

* TAW stands for "Theory of an Advanced World."

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