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Essential Points of Fractal Psychology 3

How to Utilize Fractal Psychology to improve your relationships

Fractal psychology is a unique concept among various types of psychologies. Specifically, it addresses how to find a solution to the problem of relationships: between parents and children, teachers and students, superiors and subordinates, and so on. Its approach comes from both current psychology and some very old wisdom.

The old wisdom says, “People around You Are Your Reflection.” Perhaps you have heard the expression, “People are the reflection of yourself”? If we were to say it correctly, it would more likely be, “People around us are the reflection of our subconscious mind.”

We all know that we interact subconsciously with people. For example, with our children, our colleagues, and if you are a teacher, with your students, thousands of times each day, by words, expressions, gestures, and body language. At times, no words need to be spoken!

However, fractal psychology has an idea beyond that. It proposes that those interactions come from our deep subconscious mind, of which we are usually not aware. That means if you only change your attitude or words to others, it won’t work efficiently to solve the problems of relationships. We need to change our subconscious mind.

Changing the subconscious is quite difficult because it is hidden so deep in our minds. Sometimes we even believe ourselves as a figure quite opposite from our subconscious self. Yes, sometimes we have our self-image completely opposite of our subconscious one.

Therefore, fractal psychology proposes to capture our subconscious thoughts through “the mirror,” not using our feelings or our beliefs, and to do this, fractal psychology says “People around You Are Your Reflection..100%!” If you accept this concept, you will change the way you see the world. When you want to know your deep subconscious, all that you need to do is to observe the people around you. Then, if you want to change someone around you, all that you need to do is to change your own subconscious. If this works, you will see people around you are changing a little by little. There is no risk, no payment.

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