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Samurai Counseling 7

Are you interested in Fractal Psychology? Fractal Psychology (founded in Japan by Mau Isshiki) can easily analyze the cause of problem. You can learn how it is possible and how it is effective to solve problems reading an entertaining scenario! Let's enjoy! [Case No. 1 Repay for the Past 7] (Back to the first page) (Back to the last page)

Madam: (On the screen of monitor. In a gentle voice.) Keep your eyes closed.

John: Eh, Madam? (He starts to turn, but keeps his head down.)

Madam: Visualize with your eyes closed. In your mind’s eye, see yourself as a child again. (John is still on the ground, keeping his eyes closed.)

That’s the immature part of you in your heart and head. You think of nothing but your own pleasure, you belittle others, and bully them mercilessly. You hope to feel superior through your acts of meanness. You are like a monkey. Speak to that part of yourself as an adult now. Say to yourself:

‘You really treated Luke horribly. You wanted to be popular, and make people laugh, so you bullied Luke. You must’ve had some idea how Luke really felt. But you ignored your intuition for your own selfish reasons. And you just let others suffer. That’s why your adult self feels the same way Luke did. Painful, isn’t it? You feel you did nothing wrong, but your heart is heavy, and you can’t bear to continue living. You try so hard but you keep failing, falling. This is the suffering you meted out to others. Apologize to Luke. Apologize from the bottom of your heart.’

Now, pretend Luke is in front of you. Say this:

‘I’m so sorry I wounded your self-esteem. I stole from you, I made you suffer, I made every day a living hell for you. I am so sorry. I deserve this burden of guilt. I will never do anything like that again.’

(John is weeping. After a short while.)

Madam: What do you see in Luke’s face right now?

John: He looked gloomy at first. Now he’s laughing. It seems like he’s accepted my apology, like he’s saying as long as I understand, it’s okay.

Madam: I see. That’s all right, then. Satoru, he’s all yours.

(Madam leaves from the screen.)

John: (Crying softly. Remains silent for a while.) I really felt like Luke heard me. I felt I connected with his heart. Now I know Kane is who I was back then. Kane was me. I was Kane. Feels strange…

Satoru: You might call it a type of enlightenment. ‘You are the only one who exists in this world. You split into many different parts, you become this person and that person.’ This is the essence of Madam’s teaching. You had only the merest taste of that essence. You’ve achieved 1% enlightenment. Without that you could never truly resolve your problem. With that, your difficulty will evaporate.

John: (He’s silent for a while, savoring how he feels.) I see. I kind of get it. Even if I managed to beat Kane in court, I wouldn’t really have won anything. I’ll just have to face another problem like it. Until I examine myself honestly there is no way that I can find peace.

Satoru: Ah, at last your eyes have opened the merest crack!

(John stands up.)

John: Thank you. I understand now. The Jacaranda flower can only sprout from the Jacaranda seed. I planted that seed. I know what I did wrong. I truly get it now. Thank you. Thank you and Madam for your time. I am eternally grateful from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Satoru: (Nods sagely.) You must continue to apologize to Luke in your heart. Cultivate that same feeling. By doing so you’ll attain 2% enlightenment. Kane will sense that and react accordingly.

John: Really? Wow, that’ll be great…

Satoru: Repeat the apology. Don’t stop. You can do it yourself any time anywhere and it will cost nothing. The rest is entirely up to you. Keep it up until you get to 3%, maybe even 4%.

John: Understood. I will. Thank you.

Scene: Madam’s house

(Three months later. A car stops. John emerges. He goes straight to the yard to see Madam, who is soaking in the Jacuzzi. David the lawyer is swimming in the pool. Satoru is meditating by the pool, still clutching his bamboo sword.)

John: Madam Ma-u! David!

Madam: So you’re back, John. It’s been a while. How have things been?

John: As a matter of fact, I have something to report to you. (Sits in a chair by the pool)

(Robert brings Madam a glass of champagne and hands John a glass of water. Madam sips the champagne while still in the Jacuzzi. David continues to swim.)

John: Thank you, Satoru, Madam. I appreciate your delaying your departure to see me. Since my last visit, I’ve performed the exercise quite a number of times. Only three days later, Kane withdrew his harassment suit. Ten days after that, he came to apologize for stealing my clients. He offered to pay me for the client list. Now, we are working together again. It’s really strange! I didn’t say anything to Kane about it, but he seems truly remorseful and is trying to make it up to me. Miracle is the only word that fits.

Madam, I can’t say I completely understand your teachings yet, but something’s become clear to me. If I’m suffering, it means I caused someone else the same suffering. That is the reason why by giving a heartfelt apology and vowing never to repeat my offense, the problem will work itself out. You don’t even have to apologize in person; things around you just change.

(Madam listens with a smile on her face.)

Madam, there’s something else. My daughter seems to have changed too. She’s become more considerate. She used to be sort of arrogant but…Well, okay, she took after me…in any case, even my daughter is different. It’s all so weird.

(Madam, still smiling, gazes up at the sky. She goes back to her old days.)

(In her memory)

Young Ma-u: Master! Oh, Master. Thank you so much. I really appreciate. My son and I could make piece and he is working now! It's like a dream. There are not enough words to express my gratitude.. (with tears in her eyes.) (End of memory scene)

(in the Jacuzzi, Madam is smiling.)

Satoru strips off his hakama. Wearing only his loincloth, he screams like a banshee and dives into the pool.

The end

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