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Samurai Counseling 5

Are you interested in Fractal Psychology? Fractal Psychology (founded in Japan by Mau Isshiki) can easily analyze the cause of problem. You can learn how it is possible and how it is effective to solve problems reading an entertaining scenario! Let's enjoy! [Case No. 1 Repay for the Past 5] (Back to the first page) (Back to the last page)

Madam: (appearing to give up) Don’t feel bad, not everyone can fully comprehend this. I just wanted to show you that we have a system that can solve your problem.

John: Really? Teach me now!

Madam: Well….

(Madam looks over John from top to bottom. John displays a slovenly attitude, standing in a grasping, ravenous manner, as if eagerly awaiting the finish of a horse race. She doesn’t see a shred of respect.)

Madam: I don’t think I can teach you yet.

John: What? Why not?

Madam: You’re still too haughty.

John: How could you say that? What do you mean I’m haughty?! Why won’t you teach me? Do I have to pay you? How much? I’ll pay!

Madam: See? Do you see that your questions answer themselves? Why are you angry now?

John: What are you talking about?

Madam: You think you’re entitled to this teaching, don’t you? That’s what I call arrogance. Think about it. When they get into trouble like this, what do most people do? They suffer emotionally for years as the lawsuit drags on. And then, when they find that life isn’t getting any better, they feel aggrieved on top of everything else. You came here to see how you could avoid that path. And yet you don’t understand the value of what you’ve come looking for.

My teachings are simple. But people, being the arrogant, lazy, and ignorant monkeys that they are, pretend they knew about it all along when they first hear it. They disparage it by saying, “Oh, that’s all it is.” Or, “I’ve been doing that all along.” Or they negate it completely by saying, “There’s no way something like that can be of any use.” They waste the precious teaching I’ve bestowed on them. Can you promise you won’t be like them? Can you convince me?

John: I, I can’t say for sure. First, I’ve got to hear what it’s about.

Madam: See? That’s arrogance. You’re already prepared to judge what I’m about to tell you. You think you have the wisdom to evaluate my teaching?

John: But of course. I’m already an adult. Isn’t it natural to analyze whatever I’m told to do?

Madam: Why don’t you go home now? I have nothing more to say to you.

John: Wait, you’ve got to teach me today! Every day I delay, I go deeper in debt.

Madam: Sebastian!

Robert: (Opens the sliding door.) Mr. Sanders. This way please. (John sighs as he leaves.)

Scene John’s room in his house

John sits at his desk, his head in his hands.

Kala (John’s 10-year-old daughter barges in.) Hey, papa. I don’t know how to solve this problem, show me.

John: Sorry, honey, papa’s not feeling well.

Kala: But I’m supposed to turn it in tomorrow. Help me! If I don’t, I’ll fail! It’s due tomorrow!

John: (raising his head) Kala, that’s your problem, isn’t it?

(Kala ignores what he says and angrily shoves her homework into his hands.)

(John reacts with anger. Just at that moment, he hears Madam’s words and flashes back to his earlier encounter with her.)

Madam: Why are you so angry? You think you’re entitled to this teaching, don’t you? That’s what I call arrogance.

John: Wait, you’ve got to teach me today! Every day that I delay, I go deeper into debt.

(The memory jolts John into a realization. He almost gets what Madam has been driving at.)

John: Sorry, not today, Kala. Papa’s got something important to do. Look, you shouldn’t have started so late. You’ve got to do your own homework. It’s your responsibility. If you can’t do that, then it’s your own fault for getting a bad mark. You’ll just have to accept it.

Kala: You’re so mean, papa! You’re no help at all! I’ll just go ask mama!

(Kala rushes out in anger. John sighs. He has another flashback.)

Madam: You can become anything in a dream. You can be a monster. You can be a mother. You can become Kane, or Luke. You are everyone. You play all the roles. When you wake up, the role you played most frequently becomes the real “self” that you recognize. The people around you embody all the other roles. This is the world you inhabit.

John: (whispering) In my dream I’m me and I’m Kala too? A man is a mirror? No, a person is…let me see…the mirror of one’s deep consciousness?


Scene: John’s office. He’s been calling customers from morning till night, frantically trying to keep them.

John: You want to cancel as of this month? What can I do to keep your business? (Pause.) Yes, yes, of course, I will give you two complimentary bottles this month. Thank you for continuing to subscribe. (Pause.) Right, yes. Thank you very much! (He hangs up and sighs)

John: How did it ever come to this? I’m stuck answering calls and making desperate sales pitches. Managing director: Hey, John, we’re short of staff. Leave the paperwork till later! Get to it at night! We’ve got to make the deliveries during the day. If we’re late, our customers will cut us off. We only have three people working deliveries now. We have to work evenings too!

John: Of course I know that!

(After the other employees leave the office to make deliveries…)

That jackass Kane! He’s totally messed me up! He doesn’t give a damn what happens to me! What have I done to deserve this? Kane, damn you, if you think you’re going to get away with this, you’ve got another thing coming!

(He leaves the office holding a delivery chart. When he gets to the parking area, he runs into a couple in a heated argument.)

Woman: You totally messed me up! You don’t give a damn what happens to me! What have I done to deserve this? You’ve destroyed my happiness. If you think you’re going to get away with this, you’ve got another thing coming!

(She bashes the man with her bag and drives off in the car, only to lose control of the steering wheel and smash into a tree. Passersby race to the accident site. In shock, John backs away and jumps into his car. He swallows hard and slowly pulls away.)

John: (While driving) What just happened? That woman repeated my words exactly. She knocked the man down and crashed into a tree.

(He gets the heebee jeebees. Madam’s words cross his mind again.)

(Flash back scene)

Madam: What ‘a man is a mirror’ means is that your life is the manifestation of your deep consciousness.(End of flash back scene)

John: Oh no, this is horrible. What I see in my mind is taking place out in the real world. Everything I’ve done is coming back. I’m trapped inside my own dream!

John: (On the phone, in a rush) I need to see Madam! Can I visit her today?!

Robert: (calmly, slowly) Unfortunately, Madam is out. She won’t be back for quite some time.

John: Oh, no! What am I going to do? Where is she? I’m willing to go wherever she’s gone! I need to see her immediately!

Robert: She’s in Tokyo.

[To be continued]

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