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Samurai Counseling 2

Are you interested in Fractal Psychology? Fractal Psychology (founded in Japan by Mau Isshiki) can easily analyze the cause of problem. You can learn how it is possible and how it is effective to solve problems reading entertaining scenario! Let's enjoy!

[Case No. 1 Repay for the Past 1]

(Madam pulls out a Jacaranda branch from the bundle of flowers she is using for the ikebana, and thrusts it in John’s face.)

Madam: (smiling) Do you know what this flower is?

John: Hmmm, maybe it’s a Jacaranda?

Madam: That’s right, it’s a Jacaranda flower. Do you know what seed the Jacaranda flower blooms from?

John: Huh? From the Jacaranda seed, of course.

Madam: Correct.

John: And?

Madam: The Jacaranda blossom can only bloom from the seed of a Jacaranda tree.

John: Well, of course. (He thinks to himself: So what, everyone knows that.)

Madam: Seems obvious, does it not? Yet humans are such fools they are not aware of the seeds from whence the flower of their creations bloom.

John: What the…?

Madam: Your experiences are like flowers. Each one stems from a specific seed of your own planting. And yet humans fail to recognize this simple fact.

John: If you’re talking about what I’m going through right now, I do know. My former employee Kane is to blame. He betrayed me.

Madam: (Snaps her head towards him.) The Jacaranda flower can only grow from the seed of the Jacaranda tree. Which means that you are the only source—the seed—from which your experiences are born. You create all the events in your life.

John: What are you talking about?

Madam: (Holds out something) What is the name of this fruit?

John: Don’t know.

Madam: It’s a kumquat. It comes from a garden tree you can find everywhere in Japan. Kumquats grow in L.A. too. That’s why I planted them in my yard. It’s good for your health if you eat it whole. But the tree won’t bear fruit immediately after you plant it.

John: I suppose that’s so. (Dubious)

Madam: It takes four years from the time the tree is planted to the time it bears fruit. In L.A., you can see both the Jacaranda and the kumquat in the same season. That’s why I like this place.

John: Okay, but… (Irritated)

Madam: Even a fruit this small takes four years to grow. Similarly, your experiences today sprouted from a seed that you yourself planted. Not recently, but a long time ago.

John: (Quite irked by now) So what? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

Madam: (Glares at John) In other words, what you are experiencing now is the result of what you did in the past. Just as the Jacaranda can only grow from the seeds of a Jacaranda, whatever misfortunes you encounter today are the result of your past actions. If you feel you are being mistreated and your happiness destroyed, it means that somewhere in the past, you mistreated someone and destroyed their happiness.

John: What, that can’t be right. I’ve never….That’s absurd. (Clacking of the bamboo tube in the garden)

Madam: Look at that bamboo tube. It’s not always in motion. It drops and pours out the water only when a certain amount has accumulated. Life is like that. You don’t immediately see the result of your actions in the past. That’s why you don’t notice it. But your actions, unattended, will gather energy and materialize in your world.

John: Madam. Excuse me, but you’re not making any sense to me. What I want to know is how I can beat Kane. I work hard but it seems like I’m cursed. Just when things are going well, they go haywire. If this is fate, I want no part of it. I came here to find out how to change my luck. I don’t give a hoot about Japanese gardens or planting flowers.

Madam: You say it’s as if you’ve been cursed? Well, now….

John: (He looks as if he suddenly realizes he’s said something strange.) No, I mean, I’m not talking about the occult, it’s not like I believe in….

Madam: (Gestures with the stalk of a sweet pea at a spot just behind John) Look. Over there.

John: (He turns around, shuddering) Hey, don’t spook me like that! Oh, you’re pointing to the calligraphy. What does it say?

Madam: A man is a mirror.

John: What? Oh, yes, I heard something like that when I went to a seminar by an Indian lecturer. It’s nothing to do with me, though.

Madam: (Once again, she points with the sweet pea to the transom behind John. A fretwork of three monkeys shows them in their attitude of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.)

John: Now what? (Getting fed up with Madam’s riddles, but has kind of resigned himself.)

Madam: Do you see that your heart is like these monkeys who refuse to see, hear, or speak whatever they wish to ignore?

John: Well, of course. You don’t want to see what you don’t want to, you don’t want to hear what you don’t want to, and you don’t want to speak what you don’t want to. Everyone’s like that, right?

Madam: If you’d like to settle this matter expediently without recourse to a lawsuit, then you must quit those three monkeys.

John: I can’t see how I can settle this case without legal action. (Getting up) I guess this was a waste of time. Looks like I came to the wrong place.

Madam: So it would seem. For now. You have my permission to go. Sebastian!

(The butler slides open the door on his knees. John totters out the room, stiff from sitting cross-legged.)

(Near the lobby)

John: Guess I came all this way for nothing. Oh, well, at least I got to see the mansion in Bel Air. Thank you, Sebastian.

Butler: My name is Robert. Good day, Mr. Sanders.

John: What did you say? (He exits, looking befuddled as if bewitched.)

(To be continued)

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