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How to Get out of the Mirror World 2

Are you interested in Fractal Psychology(FPS)? Fractal Psychology (founded in Japan by Mau Isshiki) can easily analyze the cause of problem. Why? It is because Fractal Psychology is based on Fractal Phenomenology(FPH). FPH has revealed the mechanism of the reality. If you are a scientist, you will have a powerful information for your research reading this article. Let's enjoy!

[A Story of Adventure of Endless Intellectual Pursuit]

Chapter 2

Admiring the Law of Conservation of Energy

I admit that some experiences in junior high made a part of my present self. At that time, I was admiring Einstein. I had experienced a deep feeling of separation that I was abandoned by my true mother when I was three years old, and that made me a girl who loved solitude. I used to go to the library in break time to read books. The books I picked up were always science books.

I can trace the origin of this trait to my father. When I was a kindergarten child, I was lying on my bed with a cold, and my father gave me a manga book that was the first edition of Astro Boy. That book was the first book of Astro Boy that I owned, and I possessed thirty-three books for thirty years afterward. In the last pages of each book, there were the scientific articles for kids. I loved to read them repeatedly. Cosmos, robot, and future. The books of Astro Boy created the base of my mind.

My father studied on his own and he could answer every question I asked to him. Since it was so helpful, that brought me an idea that I would marry a prodigy like him. Still, the truth is that we used to have quarrels. He always said to us, “Think of the structure,” “Ignorance is a sin.” In spite of my rebellious attitude, I got these ideas in my head.

According to the idea that Thoughts Create Reality, my father was a projection of my thoughts. He was future me. Now, I, as future me, can understand well how important the significance of the words, “Ignorance is a sin,” is. Present Me knows very well how much trouble that ignorance produces. I suppose that Future Me wanted to tell Young Me, “Destroy the ignorance as soon as possible!” One day in my junior high, I got stuck on the issue in a science class. That was when our teacher explained the mechanism of the eclipse. The sun, earth, and the moon are set on the same line in this vast universe. Also, the moon and the sun have the same apparent size. It seemed to me incredible and I couldn't believe that the mechanism of the eclipse depends on that astronomical probability.

“Why do they believe an illogical explanation like that? Does the science have a room to doubt?” A junior high student, me, had a bit of an uncomfortable feeling. The deep separated feeling in my mindset worked well for me this time and I could feel a doubt and follow my instinct. I nurtured this instinct and I dreamed that I could resolve this mystery someday in the future. This impression was extremely enormous for me and this made me determine to resolve this issue someday. Now, TAW can give some hints on this issue, but I have not resolved this yet. Also, on the other day, when I was reading a science book as usual, I found how to calculate the probability of the existence of creatures such as human beings. I felt a kind of disappointment because that probability was based on the premise that every creature needs oxygen. I got a uncomfortable feeling again. On this issue, TAW can provide a reasonable answer now. The key of the answer was not oxygen, but reflection as in a mirror.

I have another impressive memory from junior high school days. I learned the guitar after school, and my guitar instructor screamed at me, saying “Moron!” because my sound was too harsh. Then, he said, “Listen, there is the Law of Conservation of Energy. If you pick a string of your guitar, the energy you made is divided in two; clear sound and harsh sound. The less energy you give to harsh sound, the more goes to clear sound. Got it?”

I was mesmerized by his wonderful explanation. “The Law of Conservation of Energy?” It sounds to me as if it is the most incredibly beautiful law in this world. It attracted me and I desired to know more about it. Later, I encountered the Law in science class. This law is inevitable to decipher the mechanism of “Thoughts Create Reality.” Without considering this, TAW was not born. Thus, all I needed for the research of TAW I learned in my childhood.

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