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How to Get out of the Mirror World 1

Are you interested in Fractal Psychology(FPS)? Fractal Psychology (founded in Japan by Mau Isshiki) can easily analyze the cause of problem. Why? It is because Fractal Psychology is based on Fractal Phenomenology(FPH). FPH has revealed the mechanism of the reality. If you are a scientist, you will have a powerful information for your research reading this article. Let's enjoy!

[A Story of Adventure of Endless Intellectual Pursuit]

Chapter 1

Seeking a Potion that Gets Us Back from Oblivion

TAW (Theory of an Advanced World) is the theory that revealed the mechanism of “Thoughts Create Reality, 100%, without exception.” In 1994, when I started my research of “Fate,” there was no book that explained this mechanism, even though there were lots of books that say, “thoughts create reality.”

Some books said that, “a particular thought was realized into present status,” but I obsessed on knowing the detailed process from the cause to the result. I desired to find the border between thought and reality.

That is a realm also between the material and thought, and phenomenon and thought. I was frustrated because I could not know that. If I emitted some bad thoughts, and if I found, “Oh, I emitted bad thoughts!” I could stop those thoughts and I could avoid experiencing that bad reality. However, if the thoughts came into reality all of sudden, how can we avoid a bad fate?

In that case, only one thing that we can do is to accept a bad fate until we die. It must be a heavy burden for our lives. It is unbelievable if that is the case. I was seeking the ultimate freedom. Therefore, I need to find the process that leads from a thought to a material reality. Since I’m familiar with physics, it drove me to think that the material world is a kind of particle, and the thought is a kind of wave. That means what I pursue is between particles and waves.

Incidentally, my true name is Nagisa which means between “the waves and sands.” This name that apparently my actual father gave me is the one that I, “Whole Conscious,” ultimately gave me not to forget the purpose of my life. I became aware of this in 2004, but whenever I come to think of it, I deeply understand how passionately I had been engaging in order to decipher the mystery of fate in my life.

In 1994, I started this journey, but it seemed a tremendous adventure to pursue the secret of fate. I read lots of books about spiritualism, religion, and Indian philosophy. According to Indian philosophy, they say there was oblivion to begin with, the men who once were gods now became entangled into human beings. In other words, we all are a god who forgot even the fact that he/she took the potion of oblivion.

Then, I supposed, “If I was a god and now I am about to take a potion for oblivion, I will certainly place some clues all over the world in order to get rid of this oblivion when the time has come.” I learned this manner of thinking from physics. There is a plus, and then, there is a minus on the other side. In this case, I am sure that, if there is oblivion, there should be a means to get back from oblivion as well.

Thus, I started an adventure to pick up some fragments of clues that enable us to get back from the oblivion. (D)

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