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Essential Points of Fractal Psychology 1

Are you interested in Fractal Psychology(FPS)? Fractal Psychology (founded in Japan by Mau Isshiki) can easily analyze the cause of any problem, because Fractal Psychology is based on Fractal Phenomenology(FPH). FPH has revealed the mechanism of the reality.

What if you learned the mechanism of reality? You can believe this world is a gift for you! You can learn Fractal Psychology here!

1.Thoughts create reality.

We believe that “Thoughts create reality, 100%, without exceptions.” That means that the existence of other people and the events of society are also regarded as the results of our own thoughts. This world is 100% projection of our minds.

When we say, "Thoughts create reality," we need to have the definition of "reality." If not, we cannot discern which is reality, and which is still imagination. In Fractal Psychology, we have already defined reality.

If you want to learn about the definition of reality, go to "Doctor Cosmo's Revolution in Science."

2."True you" is the Whole Conscious Mind.

When we say, "Thoughts create reality," "Thought" means your Whole Conscious Mind.

We have defined four levels of consciousness: Surface Conscious Mind, Deep conscious Mind Level 1, Deep Conscious Mind Level 2, and Deep Conscious Mind Level 3. The Whole Conscious Mind includes all four consciousness levels.

With conventional psychology, we could see only two levels of consciousness in the definition of Fractal Psychology. So, we could not capture what was going on in our deep mind, which was creating our reality.

How can we find these two deeper levels of consciousness? The founder Mau Isshiki started this research of mind by observing reality, not thoughts. Conventional psychology does not regard this reality as the result of our thoughts. However, Isshiki thought that everything which we see, hear, and experience is the result of our thoughts, and she made this as an absolute premise. With this notion, she reached the deepest consciousness and succeeded to connect thoughts and reality.

3.Reality is a crystallized dream.

We regard this world as a crystallized dream. We define a dream as nothing more than an act of consciousness, regardless if you remember it or not. When the quantity of the thoughts reaches a certain level, it emerges into your reality. According to Fractal Psychology, the difference between dreams (thoughts) and reality is based on the quantity of thoughts. Some of thoughts that do not reach the threshold, only exist latently. That means thoughts and reality have the same attributes. The difference is only the thoughts with enough quantity become reality.

4.Everyone in the outer world lives inside of your brain.

Your brain cannot identify you and others clearly. Both are just electric signals in your brain. The factor that divides you and others is just the quantity of electric signals. If this is the case, something that you imagine happening to other people will happen to you because all imagination is inside your brain. So, we need to be careful of what we should think, and what we should not think.

The words you said to someone will return to you some day. The action you did to someone will return to you some day. Everything you once thought will return to you, however, the level of occurrence is different according to the quantity of related thoughts. (D)

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