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The birth story of TAW Fractal Phenomenology

Are you interested in Fractal Psychology(FPS)? Fractal Psychology (founded in Japan by Mau Isshiki) can easily analyze the cause of problem. Why? It is because Fractal Psychology is based on Fractal Phenomenology(FPH). FPH has revealed the mechanism of the reality. If you are a scientist, you will have a powerful information for your research reading this article. Let's enjoy!


In 1994, when Mau Isshiki, during her historical research, discovered that the countries that share similar histories share similar geographic outlines as well.

Two examples are the Byzantine Empire during the Middle Ages and the United States of America in the 20th century and Turkey during the Middle Ages and the Soviet Union.

Isshiki initially noticed that both pairs of countries shared similar flows of historical events, which led to her discovery of these countries’ similar geographic shapes.

It is easy to see, when you look at a world atlas. The Balkan Peninsula and Turkey, when enlarged, overlap the shapes of North America and the Soviet Union.

Also, her study of dreams and dream analysis led to her realization that reality is the crystallization of dreams. It is because thoughts create reality. Dreams are consisted by layers, and one thought is projected on multiple layers. This structure makes the world fractal; Isshiki concluded.

Our brains have difficulty recognizing things as being composed of different layers, instead superimposing them all together in one stratum. From this, Isshiki formulated a method for analyzing and decoding the fractal structure of reality, just like analyzing dreams; it utilizes the news of the world you see on TV or read about in the newspaper in order to read your mind.

In addition, she has deciphered the mechanism of how space and time emerge and has presented clues to solve the mystery of gravity. TAW fractal phenomenology will surely provide fascinating approaches, especially for physicists.

TAW fractal phenomenology has been practically applied in Fractal Psychology. Study programs have been available in Japan since 2008. 706 people have studied Fractal Phenomenology (data of 2017).

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