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Essential Points of Fractal Psychology 2

Are you interested in Fractal Psychology? Fractal Psychology (founded in Japan by Mau Isshiki) can easily analyze the cause of problem because it is based on Fractal Phenomenology. You can learn how it is possible and how it is effective to solve problems with Fractal Psychology reading lectures on this blog! Let's enjoy!

Thoughts Create Reality. 100%, Without Exceptions

Q; You mentioned "Thoughts create reality. 100%, without exceptions." What do you mean by that? There are so many things I don't create by myself.

A; You can capture only 5% of your consciousness. We call this "Surface Conscious Mind." And, you fail to capture 95% of your Deep Conscious Mind. So, we can

say that we do not know anything about ourselves. If you can capture the 95%, you will see that the world is made from your Whole Conscious Mind.

Q; What happened to the things that existed before I was born? For example, my parents. They were there before I was born.

A; There is no exception. The existence of your parents is not proved actually, because you cannot perceive their existence with your senses. If you cannot perceive outer world, you cannot say it surely exists. That means the outer world, including your parents, exists only when you perceive it by your brain. This world is like a world in the movie "Matrix." You are experiencing this world inside of your brain. So, you can change your world only if you change your neural circuits by yourself. If you believe this, and if you learn how to control your mind, you will become totally free. It might seem incredible for you, but we already know the mechanism of this world. You can learn it here.

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