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Are you aware of the truth that this world is just collection of electric signals in your brain? We still take it as reality without doubt. Fractal Phenomenology reveals the mechanism how our brains perceive this world as reality. You can learn how to get out of this illusional world.

This psychology is based on TAW. We know this world is a projection of our mind. Therefore, "Thoughts create reality, 100%." This statement is the core of Fractal Psychology. You can change your life completely by Fractal Psychology Method.

"Fractal Psychology" is a registered trademark in Japan.

MONISM means, "There is only one existence. That is Me." This means that your world is nothing more than your perception. 

Everything you perceive in outer world is projected from your inner world. TAW is based on Monism.

TAW is an acronym of Theory of an Advanced World, developed by Mau Isshiki. She found this world is a complete projection of our thoughts.

This theory is divided in two parts; Fractal Phenomenology, Fractal Psychology.

    Founder of TAW 
 Mau Isshiki

 Fractal Phenomenology 

Fractal Psychology®


Fractal Psychology Counselors

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