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Fractal Psychology was created in order to solve problems for which many people are struggling. Healing hearts is only one part of process of counseling. You can find the causes of your problems. Hence, you can delete the causes of the problems completely from your mind, and this allows you to move forward. 
Needless to say, you can change yourself, and you can also change your partner, your parents, your pets, your neighbors, etc. It will be a really exciting experience that you feel you are connected with others in your deep consciousness! This is why you do not need to bring someone who you want to change. This is "Monism."   

Saemi Nakamura has worked on films for over twenty years in Hollywood. She has been taught Fractal Psychology directly by the Founder; Mau Isshiki in Los Angeles, 2016. 

San Pedro, Los Angeles

Kayco Ishii is a Certified Life & Career Counselor directly trained by Ms. Isshiki. She has been working closely with Ms. Isshiki translating text books and training tools of Fractal Psychology from Japanese to English and recruiting future Counselors.

Tokyo, Japan

Yukari Noda has been working for Aquarius Navi Institute with Mau Isshiki in Los Angeles since 2012, and she has contributed to spread Fractal Psychology in the United States for five years. She has completed the intensive training as a Fractal Psychology Master Course instructor in Japan by top teachers, in 2017. 

Tokyo, Japan

Ikuko Jimbo graduated Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. in 1994. She has the degree of Bachelor of science major in Home Economics and minor in Consumer Science. She has completed the training course as a Fractal Psychology Counselor, 2018.

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