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Rejuvenation & Transformation 

Guided Meditation for Rejuvenation & Transformation was written for those who are more than fifty years old and anxious about aging and illness. If you want to live actively forever, you need to modify your past memories because the present stems from the past. This course consists of five lessons. In the first lesson, you will learn how to contact your deep brain. In the second lesson, you will learn how to love your deep mind. In the third lesson, you will remove many seeds of illness and depression in your deep consciousness. If you remove those, you will regain your true energy. Then, in the fourth lesson, you will learn how to develop your new talents. In the last lesson, you will create a brand-new future!   


You came a long way working hard for your family and our society. Thank you for your hard work. You may be thinking that it is about time you start thinking about yourself. It sounds good to spend time for yourself taking relaxing trips and visiting museums, etc. You may finally have time to devote to your hobbies you have postponed.

But still, do you sometimes find yourself having anxiety? Is it about your health, longevity or money? Do you worry about being bored?  You may have started worrying about something you haven’t worried about before although you finally have freedom, now. “Well, I am not worried about that. It will be okay as long as we are active and involved. I have my son and my grand children…” That may be true, however, do you still find the feeling that you may be deceiving yourself, some how? 

This text book will show you how you can gain your health and wealth and  your mission for your life without ignoring these small voices of worry within you. Fractal Psychology was born in 2007 with a brand new approach to psychology. Our world is evolving and we need an evolved approach to psychology as well. We will take you to a life on the next level with guided meditation utilizing this psychology and new approach. Guided meditation is so simple for you to keep practicing on your own. Once you complete learning this series, you will discover the brand new possibility of your life. 

Society still needs you and you will be able to find yourself enjoying the society in a completely different way.

(Textbook "Guided Meditation for Rejuvenation and Transformation")

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