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What is the definition of love for you?

If you learned the name of an apple as "lemon," what would happen? Every time you say, "Give me a lemon," you will get lemons, not apples. You will be unsatisfied because it is different from your image. However, no one can understand why you are upset, because you certainly said, "Give me a lemon," and you got lemons. No one cares.  


Some people are still experiencing the same thing on "Love." What if you learned a wrong definition of love? You might have struggled to get true love all along.

They seem like they desire "Love," but their true desire is another thing: usually they desire to be spoiled. In other words, they claim their partners should stay with them all the time, protect them from whatever may happen, listen to them whenever they speak. They claim that their partners should prioritize them first. When they are not treated as they wish, they think that they are not loved. 

This definition was made by you when you were a child, and you still harbor it. In Fractal Psychology counseling, the most important point of the modification for the clients who cannot feel true love, is the modification of the definition of love. This is done in child part of brain. Fractal counselors infuse the new definition of love in the clients' minds. And then, they can feel true love. Eventually, they will be able to feel that love already has been always with them. 

By the way, what do you think the true definition of love is? 

You can change others by yourself! 

Let's say you are suffering from the harassment from your boss. What do you do? You can heal your heart through conventional counseling, or you might sue him, but you cannot change the fact that you experienced a harassment. Is this your bad fate? Were you just unlucky?


Let's think about another case. Suppose you are a wife and you have troubles with your husband. For instance, you are subject to his verbal abuse. In this case, what will you do to get a resolution? 

You might think you need to go to a counselor with him, but, can you persuade even him to go to the counselor? Even if he said "Yes," you two need to make time to go together. For that, you two need to adjust time-off from work every week. It might bring another argument, and it will take a long time to resolve the problem completely. 

In Fractal Psychology, the solution is easier. If you decide to resolve this problem completely, you can come to a Fractal Psychology counselor alone. You never need to take him with you.

You live in the world on which your thoughts are projected. Because you created this bad situation, you also have a key to get rid of this situation. We do not teach you how you should act or what to say towards your husband. Instead, we facilitate you to eradicate the causes of your problems. 

We'll give you one example.

Diane has been subjected to the violence by her husband. She could not elude it for a long period.
In this case, a Fractal Psychology counselor assumes that Diane has latent aggressive thoughts in her deep consciousness. She might have used violence to her siblings in her childhood. After she began to feel guilt, her aggressiveness was covered by this guilt. So, she seemed to become a nice person. However, because her aggressiveness is still alive in her deep conscious, it is projected onto her husband. As long as she is a victim, she does not need to face her own aggressiveness. This is her survival way.

The Fractal Psychology counselor leads Diane into her past through guided meditation, and lets her recall the scene when she attacked someone (maybe one of her siblings) secretly. In that scene, the counselor lets her modify her character by using "Modification Statement." This is the powerful method of Fractal Psychology to transform clients.

Usually, one session is enough to modify the seed of problem, but the clients need to continue the modification method at home by themselves for a while. After a couple of months, Diane will find herself safe and reassured. Her husband already has been changed because the projection of her aggressiveness onto him has been terminated. 


By the way, for the first example case of harassment from your boss, you will find a similar resolution for it. You have a seed of experience when you harassed someone else in the past. After you modified the seed of this problem, you will find completely different fact in your world. To your surprise, you do not take your experience as a terrible and irreparable fact anymore. This will bring you a feeling of enlightenment. 

This might look like a kind of magic, but it works very impressively. Fractal Psychology counseling is a very effective way to eradicate bad seeds in your mind which will cause troubles. 

You Can Create Your Health & Beauty on Your Own

If you believe, "We cannot control whether we will be ill or not," we recommend that you learn the cause of disease in Fractal Psychology programs. Every disease from which you suffer has its cause. Fractal psychology can point out the seed of thought which causes obstacles against your health. 

We, Fractal Psychologists, regard genes also as the results of our thoughts. We call these "Deep Conscious Mind Level 2." Usually we cannot feel this level of thoughts because they are very deep and very subtle. However, we have the methods to analyze what thoughts are in our "Deep Conscious Mind Level 2," by observing our reality. If you already have disease or you have sick family members, you need to modify your thoughts.

Why is it difficult to notice our dangerous thoughts in our mind? It is because we think some thoughts are good, while other thoughts are bad. However, this criteria to judge is wrong. Still, you continue the same thoughts for a long time, and then one day you might find yourself ill.

First, you need to change your definition of love to modify this criteria. Disease and love have a mutual connection. Then, we modify your deep consciousness that create disease and weakness.

We can say the same thing about aging. You might think there is no way to avoid being immobile as we age. This is not true. If you became immobile, that is the result of your old thoughts. We can delete them. 

Next, let's talk about beauty. Some people believe that pursuing beauty is not good. Of course this is not true. Besides, many people believe that beauty is a gift from parents or god. Please remember that even genes are also the result of your Deep Conscious Mind Level 2." If you modify your deep mind, you will be going to change little by little towards beauty.


You Can Develop Your New Talents

We all want to have outstanding talents.  However, some people might believe they do not have any talents. The misunderstanding of those people is that talents are inborn. We, Fractal Psychologists, believe the genes are also the result of our deep consciousness. So, if you do not have an excellent talent, that implies you did not choose possessing talents. Why?

Imagine that you have an excellent talent. In that case, you will be very busy, and you might have heavy responsibility for your job because you are indispensable. If you do not experience this situation, you will choose being mediocre. This is why you do not have remarkable talent. In other words, latent laziness is an obstacle against your capability.

Now that you have become an adult, you will want to choose to have talents rather than being mediocre. It is not late. You can educate your deep mind even now to develop your talents and to prepare to take responsibility by modification of Fractal Psychology.


You Can Change Your Babies Without Talking to Them

Babies do not understand what you are saying exactly. Sometimes you might have big problems with them. Or, you might have problems with teenagers. If you are a father, you might have problems speaking with your own children. You might try to change your attitude and words toward your children to break the ice. 
Fractal Psychology do not recommend that you change your attitude and words, but you do need to say the "Modification Statement" to yourself at night. And then, you will see your children change eventually. This is a magic of Fractal Psychology. Once you experience this, you will understand you can control your relationships on your own.  


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