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Transform Your Children

Transform Your Children Into Champions was written for parents who are struggling to make their children study. You can transform your children without wasting your time! The reason why your children do not want to study willingly is because of the influence of your deep consciousness. Did you like to go to school when you were a child? Did you study well at home? Your past traits are still affecting your children. Those traits are still hidden in your deep consciousness. If you modify your deep consciousness, your children will study voluntarily. Once you learn this method, you will not have concerns about your children anymore!   


This guidebook offers a method of helping your children to study well with ease. It is a method based on Fractal Psychology, and it also is based on TAW: “Theory of Advanced World.” This is the theory developed from recognizing the relationship between the workings of the mind and physical phenomena. It is a new approach that departs completely from conventional ideas of discipline and behavior modification.
The approach to child rearing based on Fractal Psychology does not rely on verbal communication, which makes it extremely effective for young children who do not yet comprehend words or reasons. It is also effective for adolescents during their rebellious phases.

Starting with the crucial issue of studying, I invite you to step into a whole new world of child rearing using Fractal Psychology. Your relationship with your children can blossom into something even more special.


(By Mau Isshiki, textbook "Transform Your Children Into Champions.")

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