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What is TAW?

Theory of an Advanced World is the culmination of Mau Isshiki's 13-year research. She started her historical research in 1994.  In 1997, she discovered that history has a fractal structure. The history of wars in the 12th Century synchronized with that of the 20th Century. She also found out the time span of two synchronized events in two different eras has some specific rules. Considering those features, Mau concluded that even time itself is nothing but the projection of our thoughts. One thought is projected onto multiple layers of the time axis, and we compose this information as "history" in our brain. This is the system that we use to create time by our thoughts. Then, she found how we create space by our thoughts as well. Accumulating this information, she systematized all mechanisms of the real world, and she wrote a book, "Theory of an Advanced World" in 2007. This is the completion of TAW. 

TAW reveals this world as a projection of our mind. This means this world is an illusion. Mau thought that TAW brings many benefits to us; however, some people cannot accept this because they fear that they might lose something if they accept this theory. However, those who modify this victim mentality can accept this theory easily. Then, Mau started to teach the psychological parts of TAW in 2008 as a Master Course of 19 days. And then, she started to teach the 

phenomenological parts of TAW in 2011 as Fractal Phenomenology Course of four days. 

What is Monism?

MONISM means everything is part of a single existence. This is an idea of Oriental ancient philosophy. Indian ancient pundits say that your outer world is a projection of your inner world. In other words, your thoughts create your reality. Even other people who you see in the outer world are a projection of your inner world. So, in Monism, we can say, "There is only Me in this world." This statement is famous as the first remark of Buddha just after he was born. The true meaning of this statement is that you are creating your world by your thoughts, and you can see fragments of your thoughts as people around you. Usually we cannot recognize all thoughts of our mind; however, if you can see all of your thoughts, you will figure out that everything in your outer world is projected by your thoughts. 

We do not have the ability to see all of our deep consciousness, but Mau Isshiki thought if Monism is correct, we can analyze our deep consciousness by observing the outer world, because there is no exception. This notion worked well, and at last, she found how to decipher her deep thoughts by observing phenomena in the outer world. Thus, she made TAW.

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