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Samurai Counseling

One day, a man visits David, an attorney who lives in Los Angeles. 

David is retired, but volunteers his time helping people who have troubles. David brings his client to a mysterious lady, Madam Mau.

..You can learn Fractal Psychology in a scenario of dramas! 


John sells water cooler bottles. One day, unexpectedly, John’s long-time customers begin canceling their regular orders. He then discovers that Kane, one of his former employees, has started a competitive business and is stealing john’s clients. John has filed a lawsuit against Kane, but Kane filed a lawsuit for harassment by John only to counter him.
John visited David to ask help, but David said to him that there was another way to win the lawsuit. In addition, it would be faster to solution. John was puzzled, but.. 


Eric is a wealthy retired businessman who runs apartment house now. He has troubles because his renters do not pay their rents. Since each of their excuses are understandable, Eric cannot tell them to evict. Eric came to David to get advice for this issue. However, David said that even if Eric could get rid of them, he might have the same troubles with new renters again. Or, he might have anxiety every month whether his renters pay or not. David recommended Eric to solve this problem from the root. He gave Eric a business card of Madam Maya.  
(We are now translating.)


Maila is an popular actress. One day, she stole a glance at the screen of Director's computer. She found her guarantee fee was much lower than her colleague actors..

(We are now translating.)


Coming soon.

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