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Case Study 1: Inheritance 1

Are you interested in Fractal Psychology? Fractal Psychology (founded in Japan by Mau Isshiki) can easily analyze the cause of problem. You can learn how it is possible and how it is effective to solve problems reading lectures on this blog! Let's enjoy!

1.Case of Suya Age:54 female, married, two children, husband Her two daughters are out of home, one is married, the other lives alone. Since nine years ago, they started to live with the parents of her husband. Five years ago, Mother in law, then her husband passed away subsequently. In July 2015, Father in law passed away too.

Suya’s two daughters lived away from home, one being married, the other single. Nine years ago, Suya and her husband moved in with her in-laws. In 2010, her mother in-law first passed away, then her husband. In July 2015, her father in-law passed away too.

Suya came to me, Mau Isshiki, because she had read my book, and realized that she had lived her life always worried about others thought about her. While outwardly praising others for their accomplishments, she was secretly jealous of them. Through the book, she realized that she wanted to change herself for the better.

While living with her in-laws, Suya had to endure a very hostile environment. They were constantly bickering, and arguing with each other, making her feel very awkward and uncomfortable during her time with them. After her mother in law passed away, the responsibility for her father in law’s care fell to her. She took this on with little complaint, all the while enduring his difficult moods and poor attitude towards her. While she cared for him, she also taught him to be more patient and understanding towards others, and towards the end of his life right before he passed away, he finally thanked her for taking care of him.

During the reading of the will, she found out that the father in law never set aside anything for Suya, or her daughters, despite everything Suya did for her in-laws. Instead, leaving everything to her sister in-law and her children, who did nothing to help in her parent’s care before they passed away. Suya felt betrayed and let down by this, and resented her father in-law greatly as a result.

What Suya didn't realize, is that the reason her father in-law had willed everything to her sister in-law and her kids was because he knew that she was not financially stable, and could not provide adequately for her herself, or her family. Knowing Suya could handle herself better, he didn't worry as much about her surviving. He also felt closer to his daughter’s children since they frequently sent him nice letters and made him feel more attached to them as a result. In contrast, Suya’s children were somewhat distant with him, and they're not very close to him at all. This further solidified his resolve to will his remaining estate to his daughter and her children only.

Unfortunately, Suya was consumed by her ill feelings toward her father in-law, and felt betrayed by him despite everything that she had done for him while he was alive and in her care.

● Analysis 1 About Money

Suya has been thinking, "Miserable and weak people should be rescued with money." (1) This is her own thoughts, not her father-in-law's. (2) She per se pretended a strong person in front of her father-in-law, and she took care of him as if she could afford to do it. Usually, when we see some people in the relatives or siblings who are needed, we think, "We are not the same as them!" And we try to be a person at opposite side.(3) So, Suya could pretend as if she was not needed, and not weak, because she saw those people outside. (4) We all have our own "Law" in our minds. We are following this law, and create our worlds. In other words, her Deep Conscious Mind is creating the scenario of her world following the Law which she created by herself. (5) Everyone who exists in her world which she perceives is her creature that is projected by her fragments of thoughts in Deep Conscious Mind. (6) Her father-in-law is also the projection of her thoughts, so he just followed her Law. Since the most miserable people were her sister-in-law's family, her father-in-law gave his money to them following Suya's law. This is rational for him.

(To be continued)

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